Business Licensing

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Business License Application
Self Safety Inspection Home Business
Self Safety Inspection Business
Temporary 48 Hour Permit
Temporary One Year Permit
Door-To-Door Solicitor Application Applicant will be given an ID picture badge by the city
Beer License Application
Dance One Time Permit
Dance Annual Permit
Event One Time Permit
Event Sales Tax Information

It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in business within Fillmore City without first obtaining a license for doing so, and it shall be unlawful to continue in business without maintaining a valid business license. It shall also be unlawful to continue in business once a license for such business has been suspended or revoked. (Ord. 06-05; 04/04/06)

Doing Business in Utah - a guide to starting your business

Industrial Hemp Retailer Permit - the Utah Agricultural Code and Hemp & Cannabidiol Act

Child Care Licensing

Contractor Licensing

  • Contractors must license in domicile and state, can work anywhere in state

Handyman Regulations

  • City license not state license
  • $1,000 per job, labor and materials
  • Only licensed for $1,000 of work at any home during a six month period
  • Alterations, repairs and remodeling of existing structure
  • No new construction
  • Cannot share the job with another handyman for cost share
  • Exemption of $3,000 per job can be applied for with the state


Please be aware that electrical installations and services must be done by licensed electrical contractors. If you are performing these services you are violationg the law. Please inform your customers that need electrical work that it must be done by a licensed electrician.

Hunting Guides and Outfitters

  • Need state license as of January 1, 2010

General Information for All Business

Most businesses must begin by doing the following:

  • File articles or certificates of incorporation or organization with the Utah Department of Commerce
  • Register a business name with the Utah Department of Commerce
  • Apply to the IRS for a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Apply for certain tax licenses with the Utah State Tax Commission by completing TC-69, Business and Tax Registration
  • Apply for Workers’ Compensation Insurance with the Department of Workforce Services
  • Check zoning requirements in your local city or county offices
  • Get a city or county business license from the city or county in which you will do business
  • Check with the Department of Commerce to see if your business requires a special state license (e.g. contractors, accounting, food handling, etc.)

Application for a business license or a home occupation business license shall be submitted to Fillmore City and applicants shall present the following information:

  • Name under which the business is to be conducted;
  • Name and address of the applicant(s);
  • Address of the business to be conducted;
  • Nature of the business;
  • Estimated number of persons to be employed;
  • Fire Department Inspection or Self Safety Inspection;
  • Proof of business name registered with the Department of Commerce;
  • Proof of Federal (EIN) number if applicable;
  • Copy of sales tax number certificate if applicable;
  • Additional requirements for food establishments.

After the business license has been submitted to the city office with all documents required, then the application will go before the City Council for approval. A business license will not be issued until all requirements have been met.

Fillmore City Business Licenses Fees

Business license fees within the city limits shall be classified by the average number of employees of the business.

Number of Employees Class Fee:

0-3         A             $25

4             B             $40

5-6         C             $65

7-8         D             $90

Over 8    E             $125

Temporary – 48 hours         F       $45

Temporary – up to 12 mo.  G       $60

Dance – one time               H       $15

Dance – up to 1 yr.              I         $60

Carnival, Circus                    J         $75

Rental                                  K        $35


Fillmore City Checklist For Beer Licensing

Fillmore City Beer License Fees

Liquor Consumption License $25.00
Class “A” Beer License $75.00
Class “B” Beer License $75.00
Class “C” Beer License $225.00
Class “D” Beer License $10.00 per day for period for which the license is issued.

Seasonal Beer License

$10.00 per day for the period for which the license is issued, such period shall not exceed one month.

Initial Application fee:

Classes A, B, & C $100.00
Class D & Seasonal $25.00

Special Business License Fee:

Tavern Entertainers $10.00 (per person)