New Residents

Utah’s First Capitol

Welcome to Fillmore City! As a new resident, we have compiled this information page that we hope you will find helpful. We are eager and willing to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Should you need further assistance, please call the city offices at 743-5233 or come in and see us at 75 West Center Street.

GARBAGE: Garbage pickup is a mandatory service. It is contracted with a private company and billed on your utility bill. You will be charged a $10 deposit for a 96 gallon can and 50¢ each month for rental on the can. The city office can tell you which day your garbage will be collected. You should remove the cans from the street as soon as possible after they have been emptied. Household waste, small shrubbery and clippings are allowed. Limbs, stumps, rocks, concrete, construction waste, lumber, and appliances are not allowed and must be taken to the landfill operated by Millard County.

SIDEWALKS, CURBS, GUTTERS: We ask that our citizens help maintain the sidewalk in front of their property. Please remove the snow in the winter. Spray for weeds and keep the gutter clean in the summer. Be careful planting trees and shrubbery species whose roots may damage or crack the sidewalk. You are not allowed to obstruct or park on the sidewalks.

FENCES: Generally, frontage fences need to be placed three feet in from the sidewalk and may not be taller than 4 feet. Fences on side lots must be 8 feet back from the front property line when located next to a driveway that will restrict visibility and can be up to 6 feet in height. A building permit is required to build a fence over 6 feet in height. You may obtain a copy of this ordinance for additional restrictions.

ANIMALS: In our rural community, animals are allowed within the city limits. However, there are some restrictions on the number of animals per square foot for fowl, sheep, and livestock. All dogs must be licensed and vaccinated. You may not have more than four dogs without a kennel permit. Your dog must be kept on your property or on a leash when it is off your property. Fillmore City encourages you to spay or neuter your dogs.

UTILITIES: Your utility bill includes charges for electricity, sewer, garbage and water and is due by the 15th of each month. Our online payment option, Xpress Bill Pay, saves you time and gives you more flexibility in how you pay your bill. A drop off box is located next to the drive-up window for afterhours convenience. If you have questions or concerns with making your payment, please call us. We are here to help you.

SECONDARY WATER: If you have water shares with the Fillmore Water Users Association (pressurized sprinkler system), you must contact them directly. They are not affiliated with the city, and they maintain their own system and collect their own fees.

STREET RIGHT OF WAY: Feel free to use the city right of way in front of your home for parking your personal licensed vehicles. However, inoperable and unlicensed vehicles may not be stored in front of your house on city property. Other things such as debris, feed, lumber etc. may not be left on the right of way between your property and the street. Trailers and campers may be parked for short periods of time, but may not be stored on the city right of way. You may receive a warning tag and subsequent fine if these items are identified and not removed. The right of way needs to be kept free and clear for our crews to maintain the streets and utility lines.

BUILDING PERMITS: A building permit and inspection is required for any new construction, addition, remodel, roofing, or HVAC/electrical upgrade. This permit is for your protection to ensure the work is done correctly and meets code requirements.

BUSINESS LICENSES: Citizens doing business in Fillmore City must have a city business license. This is an easy procedure and we can help you. You may also need a sign permit for advertising your business.

PROBLEMS: Citizens are encouraged to be considerate and understanding neighbors. Should you experience animal or zoning problems with your neighbor please try to resolve it amicably. However, if the problem continues, please report it to the city office.

POLICE AND FIRE PROTECTION: The Millard County Sheriff’s office provides police protection for Fillmore City. Citizens are encouraged to be watchful and helpful in patrolling their neighborhoods. Fillmore City sponsors a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) to prepare our citizens to deal with emergencies; citizens are encouraged to become involved with the CERT program. The Fillmore City Volunteer Fire Department provides fire protection. Fillmore City appreciates the fine protection we receive from our police and volunteers.

PURCHASE OF PROPERTY: Please fully investigate any property you may consider buying to ensure that utilities are available at the site. Extension of utility lines to properties that are not currently serviced is solely at the expense of the property owner.
We hope you have found this information helpful. Residents are encouraged to attend public meetings and hearings and to be involved in the community. If there is any further information or assistance you may need, please call 743-5233.